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    How do you contact the accounts to facilitate collection?

      Collection methods can vary significantly depending on a host of factors. Upon receipt of placements, Delta Recovery Systems will send you an acknowledgment for your file. At this time the debtor is notified by Delta Recovery Systems that the account has been turned over for collection. At this point the debtor has the right to dispute the account and request documentation supporting the debt in question. This correspondence, on our letterhead, will send a message that you are serious about collecting your money. After this disclosure letter is sent to the debtor our regular collection efforts begin.

      A collector is now assigned to obtain viable and current phone numbers, addresses and other information. Depending upon the response from the debtor, a variety of measures can be taken such as negotiation of dispute, payment in full, formal payment agreements, skip tracing or recommendation for litigation.

      Our goal upon receiving your accounts receivable placements is to locate and contact your debtor including those who can no longer be reached at the address or phone number given. This is further enhanced by our in-house skip tracing technology. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a quick resolution to your collection problem.

      All consumer accounts are sent a Validation of Debt Notice as required by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (F.D.C.P.A.). We then focus the next steps of collection using systematic and timely telephone contact. We believe that a telephone call has 10 times greater impact than a letter. Our staff affords us the ability to attempt a call during the day, evening, and weekends in order to contact the debtor. As one can imagine, with such calling intensity we are able to collect on the debt more effectively.

    Aren't all collection agencies the same?


      Most agencies utilize the same products with the same strategies. We incorporate state of the art computer technology and internet investigative techniques with our purposeful strategies. Combine this with our experienced and professional staff and the result is an increase in your cash flow. That is one of the reasons why our collection agency stands out against all others. Delta's employees are highly trained and thoroughly schooled in all aspects of the collection industry. The staff attends professional education courses regularly, sponsored and conducted by the ACA International, the International Association of Commercial Collectors, and the Commercial Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America. Delta's strict ethical code of conduct maintains your professional and public image while meeting your collection needs.

    What collection services do you offer?

      Along with a high level of calling not normally offered, our agency offers a pre-collect service, electronic download capability, collection letters, skip tracing, and in-house accounts receivable consulting. We will consult with you to develop the best service we can provide.
    Are your collectors aggressive and confrontational? What is your philosophy?

      Delta Recovery Systems collection philosophy is to enhance recovery for its clients while maintaining our clientís customerís goodwill. Our collection practices are ethical and professional, and follow all State and Federal laws. Our customer service approach is used to remind debtors of their outstanding balance and attempts to either secure payment in full, or establish a payment arrangement program. They are also reminded that the reason that we are involved is due to their neglect, not any belligerence on your part. Our collectors maintain a customer service tone, even during the collection process. Our philosophy is that tenacity and repetition is more effective than confrontation. Even in collection, it still remains important to maintain and enhance the image of the creditor. Our service is used as an extension of your business office. We accomplish our goal in a manner whereby our collectors identify and conduct themselves in a way that can only maintain the image of the professionalism your Company.
    Aside from payment in full, what else can be accomplished by these calls?

      During the debtor interview, our collectors may discover:

      • Additional insurance information
      • A disputed balance
      • The reason(s) for any dispute
      • A disconnected telephone
      • An unwillingness to pay the account
      • The reasons behind this unwillingness
      • A beginning to the negotiations that will ultimately get your account paid.
      Our service is flexible and structured to fit your individual needs. The purpose of our service is to convince your debtors that it is in their best interest to pay you. Once we get involved, your bill will always be on their minds. The quicker you act to resolve delinquent accounts, the better the chance of obtaining full payment. The obvious benefit to you is increased cash flow.

      The entire purpose of a debt collection agency is to recover your money. We remit the net proceeds of our collection to you bi-monthly. As soon as the debtor's check clears, the remittance is scheduled for our next check run. Checks are printed on the 10th and the 25th of each month. In addition to being bonded, our years of continuous service and growth shows that we have the necessary financial stability. We are a debt collection agency that will be here tomorrow and into the next millennium.

    What are your fees?

      Delta's fees are on a contingent basis; NO COLLECTION, NO CHARGE. There are no up-front charges or fees, no binding contracts, and there is no minimum number of placements required. The only tie you have to Delta Recovery Systems is your continued satisfaction with our service. This basic principal is the foundation of our success.

      When we find it necessary to forward an account to an attorney, there may be a request for advance costs. No suit will be filed without these fees. This allows you the opportunity to decide on a case by case basis just how far you want to go to enforce the collection of your money. In most cases requiring attorney involvement, the total fees including our compensation should not exceed 35%.

    Are you licensed and bonded?

      Delta Recovery Systems, as a member of professional organizations such as the International Association of Commercial Collectors, Commercial Law League of America and the Commercial Collectors Agency Association, maintains and adheres to those associations Codes of Conduct and bonding requirements. These factors should be critical factors in evaluating any collection agency.
    Why Outsource?

      There are many benefits to using a third-party collection agency, but most significantly, we offer the ability to become involved in a situation that may have become adversarial, without being part of the initial dispute. Our collectors are trained to deal with difficult collection situations, their expertise is in the collection past due accounts. We offer a more efficient and automated system working past due accounts. It allows your staff to do other critical tasks of running your business.

      At Delta, you get the best of both worlds, state-of-the-art technology and good old-fashioned customer service and work ethic. This combination of people and technology assures that you'll never get lost in the shuffle and your claim is resolved in the shortest possible time. We have always realized it's the personal attention that makes the difference.

      Trust, Timeliness, Personal Attention and Results. That's Delta's formula to satisfy your expectations of service.

      We understand your company's need to pursue collections expeditiously. We also understand our duty to promptly remit the proceeds of our collections and to keep you informed of the status of your claim.

      Delta is proud of its. . .

      • Reputation as a leader in the accounts receivable collection field
      • Continued growth and success for over 17 years
      • Current technology for fast, efficient services
      • Excellent rates for helping you solve your billing and collection problems
      • Recovery rate on bad debts
      • Associations with and employment of experienced and diverse professionals
      • Flexibility in conforming our services to fit our clients specific needs
      • Managements level of involvement with the elite organizations of the collection industry.

      Points of interest

      Our collectors comply with all applicable State and Federal laws and are well versed in all aspects of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

      Our trained, professional collectors are intent on maintaining our client's image.

      Our collectors are trained to negotiate masterfully with debtors to resolve accounts.

      Delta Recovery Systems is Bonded and Insured

      Professional affiliations

      David Ward is a member of the Commercial Law League of America

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