Outsourcing problem accounts to a competent professional agency
is not an admission of failure. It is evidence of managerial maturity.

At some point it makes strategic sense to turn a past due account over to a trusted collection agency. Perhaps the debtor's behavior is such that you choose not to work with him or her again. Perhaps your workload is such that your time is more valuable than the nominal fee you will invest, only upon the successful collection of each account. Perhaps you feel that a small fee is less expensive than handling "problem receivables" in house.

The experienced credit executive knows that sales do not convert to profits until the invoice is paid. Problem receivables restrict that conversion. Delta Recovery Systems exists to help you turn marginal accounts into positive receivables.

All too often, we get so involved in sales that we lose that perspective. Every business has problem receivables. If not, the credit policy is too strict and sales are sacrificed. Chances must be taken. Delta Recovery Systems will help you keep losses from those marginal accounts to a minimum.

    "I have been in the business of credit and collection for over 30 years. We have combined technological advances with good old fashioned ethics and created a successful company staffed by people of whom I am very proud." David Ward - President

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